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« #75 : 01 January 2016, 06:52:28 »

VIDEO | 15 Mar 2012
Editor's Choice - Flexible
 38m 08s   
 MP4 ( 853.66MB )1024x576
Stills material selected by our Editors based on a popular tag or theme, from our 11 year archive. This month's Editor's Choice is Flexible! Our editors searched our enormous back-catalogue, and focused on a historic range of models and shoots to find the most diverse material around gorgeously seductive and suggestive, flexible, stretching and contorted bodies!


VIDEO | 20 Mar 2012
Age: 22
35m 32s   
Download: MP4 ( 795.02MB )1024x576
In this dark and grungy attic space Gretchen lights the place up with her amazing suppleness and sexual flexibility. She moves and elongates her gorgeous, slim body and long legs into a variety of sexually seductive poses as she slips her fingers through her thick bush of pubes and starts to masturbate.
Soon her desires intensify and in a moment of self submission she ties up her ankles and slips a small silver vibrator up inside of her anus; and as we watch it work its magic on her, she literally climbs the walls with pleasure! Its an awesomely intimate shoot to behold and Gretchen as ever is a salacious delight!


VIDEO | 21 Mar 2012
Age: 26
18m 58s   
Download: MP4 ( 424.08MB )1280x720
Beautiful dark skinned new model Merel comes to abbywinters.com for the first time, and we are very pleased to have her! With a great smile, personality and body to go with it, she's a great and stunning girl.
In the bathroom she explores her naked body in all manners of positions, showing off her perfectly groomed pussy, pert breasts and large nipples. We hope this is the first of many from Merel!


VIDEO | 24 Mar 2012
Hayley F
Age: 25
26m 17s   
Download: MP4 ( 588.19MB )1280x720
After Dark
Gorgeous full lips surround Hayley's cute suggestive smile, her large, deep eyes staring at you willing you to stay and watch her undress. And if you do stay you'll be more than happy you did; peeling off her clothing Hayley reveals her perfect tight body and pert arse, barely covered by the most sensual of underwear sets.
Arching her back, pushing back that perfect bum and pulling tight the purple bed throw, Hayley sexually flirts with you and herself in the mirror opposed the bed. Her slim body, small pert boobs and infinitely long legs all lead to her almost bald pussy.
This is one frolic in the dark you wont want to ever forget!


VIDEO | 27 Mar 2012
Age: 26
16m 50s   
Download: MP4 ( 376.47MB )1280x720
The bubbly, natural and Asian Lawan stands beautifully against the white of the full length window as she undresses, revealing her tanned skin, clean shaved pussy and small breasts.
Lawan is great fun to watch on screen as she smiles and moves, keeping eye contact as she strips away the layers of clothes hiding her body.


VIDEO | 28 Mar 2012
Jessie T
Age: 23
10m 35s   
MP4 ( 390.51MB )1280x720
Beautiful new model Jessie and her vibrant red hair burst onto your screen for her first ever photo shoot! Her cute little smile, seductive personality and tall slender body really set her apart, and as you watch her slowly undress her smooth, pale skin and full bush of pubes her wholesome and innocent nature really shines through.
Moving around the room she picks up, plays with and slides on and off a variety of tights and stockings, accentuating her gorgeous long legs!


VIDEO | 03 Apr 2012
Fleur D
Age: 22
26m 10s   
Download: MP4 ( 585.78MB )1280x720
Fleur is a very earthy, hippy and natural chick with long dreads, hairy bush and a very playful spirit. She teases the camera with cute looks as the jumps around on her bed. She slowly undresses and reveals her full breasts, but this free spirit stops things there and takes us on a surprise journey up to the rooftop of her apartment where she continues the undressing, this time though a bit more risque.
The cold weather though sends her back to the warmth of her bedroom where she gets cosy and comfortable with some erotic touching and exploration that is very rousing.


VIDEO | 05 Apr 2012
Age: 22
29m 27s   
Download: MP4 ( 658.86MB )1280x720
The stunning, slender dark haired Arianna makes her vibrant and fun filled debut on abbywinters.com. In the kitchen and on the table she reveals her tanned skin, toned body and small breasts.
Playing with her thick, dark full bush of pubes and wet pussy she effortlessly flirts with her piercing dark eyes and cute innocent smile. We hope that this is the first shoot of many from the beautiful Arianna!


VIDEO | 11 Apr 2012
Age: 29
17m 23s   
Download: MP4 ( 641.79MB )1024x576
The beautiful Spanish Alyssa undresses her slender, pale body on top of the kitchen table, and treats herself to some intimate play with her smooth shaved pussy.
Her dark hair, glasses and timid personality all add to her effortless seductiveness, and as she undresses on the table and slips off her underwear from her round bum and pert, small breasts you'll find yourself wanting to see more and more of this gorgeous Spanish girl!


VIDEO | 14 Apr 2012
Editor's Choice - Upskirt
05m 51s   
Download: MP4 ( 213.63MB )1280x720
Stills material selected by our Editors based on a popular tag or theme, from our 11 year archive. This month's Editor's Choice is Upskirt! Our editors searched our enormous back-catalogue, and focused on a historic range of models and shoots to find the most diverse material around sexy, unplanned, incidental and just out right awesome Upskirt shots.



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« #76 : 02 January 2016, 04:56:19 »
VIDEO | 17 Apr 2012
Crystal S
Age: 20
24m 08s   
Download: MP4 ( 539.89MB )1280x720
The very sexual, pale skinned and beautifully big breasted Crystal undresses and pleasures herself with her toy. Teasing you with her short skirt and poker dot pink underwear she moves from chair to table and down top the floor.
Exposing her pert breasts she starts to pour hot candle wax onto her erect nipples, stimulating herself for some self indulgence!


VIDEO | 25 Apr 2012
Age: 19
15m 56s   
Download: MP4 ( 588.10MB )1280x720
Beautiful new Brunette model Sidney debuts in this very natural and great looking shoot. Showing off her slim, pale body, cute smile and pert breasts she undresses next to the large open window leading out onto the canal.
Her smooth skin goose-bumping up with the cold from outside she dares open the door to the water, stepping outside into the cold Amsterdam day and throwing out some bread for the more than inquisitive swans. With nothing more than an open jacket on as she bares her naked body and smooth shaved pussy to the cold, she soon needs to run in to warm up.


VIDEO | 10 Apr 2012
Age: 20
10m 10s   
Download: MP4 ( 377.02MB )1280x720
The gorgeous blonde, Dutch Nandine naked outside amongst nature. What more could you ask for? Walking in the rain and undressing her beautiful slim, toned body, large pert breasts and smooth shaved pussy.
Playing and flirting shyly with the camera Nandine's fun and playful personality as she shows us just how naturally stunning she is.


VIDEO | 01 May 2012
Maya C
Age: 22
33m 44s   
Download: MP4 ( 755.04MB )1280x720
In the kitchen the beautiful dark haired Maya sits effortlessly flirting with you as she eats her fruit and runs her hands over her amazing, slender body, long legs and full pert breasts.
Exposing her pussy and trimmed pubes she starts to slowly touch herself, moving from the chair top the kitchen counter, your eye's tracking her every movement!


VIDEO | 21 Apr 2012
Carly T
Age: 19
13m 43s   
Download: MP4 ( 506.18MB )1280x720
After Dark
The beautiful, quiet and reserved Carly as you've never seen her before! Showing off her stunning toned body, long legs and small, pert breasts she moves along the sofa flirting and undressing.
Keeping effortlessly seductive eye contact with you as she slowly removes her dress and runs her hands along her stocking covered legs, she'll have you willing her on for more as she gets close to her wet pussy and full bush!


VIDEO | 02 May 2012
Age: 24
24m 50s   
Download: MP4 ( 555.50MB )1024x576
A risky, provocative, seductive and naughty ride outdoors on the train with Samantha Jane as she drags you along the platform and towards some public transport displays of public nudity!
Showing off her long legs, slender frame and large breasts at all opportunities the risk of been caught is ever present and that only heightens the tension and only elevates the sexual suspense.


VIDEO | 09 May 2012
Age: 18
20m 47s   
Download: MP4 ( 766.90MB )1024x576
Latisha's sultry yet effortlessly seductive mannerisms play out through her slim, natural body, the flicks of her dark hair and the piercing gaze of her green eyes.
Holding back from exposing her small, pert breasts and her well trimmed pussy she slides underneath the covers to tease out the reveal from you for as long as possible!


VIDEO | 22 May 2012
Jenna K
Age: 28
34m 49s   
Download: MP4 ( 779.05MB )1280x720
Nibbling her way through an afternoon in the kitchen, brunette Jenna K is back again, with her contagious cheeky smile. Dotted with dainty freckles, her wrinkled nose and sparkly eyes tell you the exact moments a stimulating thought passes through her mind.
She teasingly traces the satin of her see through knickers, pulling them aside to reveal beautifully shaved lips. With gripping hands pulling her cheeks apart, the light falls tantalizingly across her bum to reveal her delectable anus.


VIDEO | 23 May 2012
Age: 30
40m 55s   
Download: MP4 ( 915.74MB )1280x720
Saskia is a beautiful blonde who can not help but look stunning with her tall slender, toned body, smooth skin and small, pert breasts.
Making herself a creamy hot chocolate and indulging her sweet tooth in the kitchen, she then moves to the seat to indulge your inquisitiveness about what she hides beneath her clothes! Stripping down to all but her sexy long socks she plays with her shaved pussy and little strip of pubes, inserting her fingers and teasing with her seductive gaze.



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« #77 : 04 January 2016, 06:20:44 »
VIDEO | 26 May 2012
Age: 24
23m 54s   
Download: MP4 ( 533.72MB )1280x720
After Dark
The gorgeous and extremely provocative Marigold shows off her slender, tanned Australian body and beautiful large, pert breasts in this After Dark shoot where she gets to show off her deviant side!
Flirting with her long black hair, cheeky smile and piercing eyes she slowly pulls away and removes her black lace underwear...


VIDEO | 29 May 2012
Age: 25
26m 20s   
Download: MP4 ( 589.35MB )1280x720
Outside under the warm dappled sunlight Chervana spends some time in the garden sunning her smooth tanned skin, painting her nails an d trying to coax down the local cat to join her.
Taking off her bright pink dress and replacing it with her sarong she moves down onto the tool shed steps and into the shade where she can spend some more time focusing on herself and her body. Revealing her cute pink underwear she pulls them to one side and starts to play with and explore her smooth shaved pussy. Moving around she exposes her beautiful pert breasts and going from step to step she positions her self into some gorgeously flattering poses, showing us her curves and letting the natural outdoor light spill over her olive skin.


VIDEO | 30 May 2012
Kayla T
18m 42s   
Download: MP4 ( 690.24MB )1280x720
The all natural, and beautifully shy Kayla shows off her large breasts and full bush as she risks being spotted spying naked out of the window.
Smiling and alluding to what she wants to happen Kayla's brown eyes pierce through her glasses as she runs her hands over her bra, down her pale skin and towards her underwear, which she is building up the want courage to remove.


VIDEO | 05 Jun 2012
Age: 23
25m 32s   
Download: MP4 ( 571.20MB )1280x720
Beautiful and natural Jodhi is back from Australia for a second solo! This time we meet her indoors where she plays around her room.
While she is rolling from her bed onto the floor and up against the wall she slowly slips out of her clothes and starts with joyful pleasure to examine herself.
In this shoot we see Jodhi from al her best sides while she is playing with her amazing breasts, cute bum as well as the camera. And who said make-up can't be fun!


VIDEO | 06 Jun 2012
Age: 24
22m 23s   
Download: MP4 ( 500.90MB )1280x720
Natural, cheeky with wonderful small breasts! I met Yale while she was out busking and couldn't not slip her an abbywinters card! This cheeky girl danced the whole way back to the apartment and even kicked up her long legs so that all the passers by could see up her skirt.
Showing us her sunbathing routine Yale slips beneath a towel to change into her bikini. In the heat of the sun Yale soon starts to heat up, pealing off her costume to reveal faint tan lines. Armed with some sun lotion and two naughty hands the fun that follows is guaranteed to make you want to get out and play in the sun!



VIDEO | 12 Jun 2012
Age: 19
10m 54s   
Download: MP4 ( 401.94MB )1280x720
A voyeuristic look at the beautiful, natural and effortlessly sexy Talita as she moves from outside to the warmth of her apartment.
Under the golden glow of her bedroom lamps she checks out her svelte slender body and awesome large breastslarge+breasts}. Running her hands over her figure she lifts off her dress and continues through the house to apply some lotion to her smooth soft skin.


VIDEO | 19 Jun 2012
Age: 29
33m 10s   
Download: MP4 ( 742.30MB )1280x720
The stunning, Asian Jia comes back for her second solo for abbywinters.com, to show you her beautiful slender and petite body.
Stripping down to nothing but her cute little headband she slides from the sofa to the floor to play with her smooth shaved pussy. Holding her small, pert breast in one hand and running her fingers over her clit with the other she gives you a cute and effortlessly seductive smile.


VIDEO | 20 Jun 2012
Age: 33
16m 03s   
Download: MP4 ( 592.27MB )1280x720
Keep up with the beautiful Sadie as she makes the most of summer, outside in the sun she flashes her awesome full bush of pubes and long legs. Care-free and so much fun to be around Sadie takes you back inside and on the balcony to show you more of her slim body.
Natural and hairy Sadie shows off her under arm hair, smiling and staring with her stunning, piercing eyes.


VIDEO | 23 Jun 2012
Editor's Choice - Red Head
11m 17s   
Download: MP4 ( 416.18MB )1280x720
Stills material selected by our Editors based on a popular tag or theme, from our 11 year archive. This month's Editor's Choice is red heads! Our editors searched our enormous back-catalog, and focused on a historic range of models and shoots to find the most diverse material containing these fiery-haired beauties.
We have identified the models we have selected, so you can explore their shoots in more detail. Let us know what gems you found from this update (and any we may have missed!).
Also, we need your suggestions for the next month's Editor's Choice!


VIDEO | 27 Jun 2012
20m 00s   
Download: MP4 ( 738.26MB )1280x720
The very cute and very natural Evelina shows of both her beautiful, slim naked body and her unique and sexual works of art.
Inside and outside Evelina looks gorgeous illuminated by the soft Amsterdam sunlight. Exposing her large breasts, pale, soft skin and full bush she sits and draws her latest piece. At the end she even treats us to a flick through some of her work.



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« #78 : 05 January 2016, 05:48:26 »
VIDEO | 03 Jul 2012
29m 06s   
Download: MP4 ( 1474.10MB )1280x720
Australian, cute and confident Edie is again with us, she exposes her beautiful, flexible body and teases you with her cheeky smile!
This shoot is all about how flexible is this sexy lady. She slowly gets naked and shows her long legs, round bum and pale skin. Her confidence and direct way of being can blow you away, specially when she starts showing off her "pussy tricks"!
She gets into the most crazy and wacky positions and starts to play with herself, she even burns a candle and insert in to her vagina, but if you think that it is amazing you should see her other tricks!


VIDEO | 04 Jul 2012
18m 24s   
Download: MP4 ( 411.54MB )1024x576
Outdoors with the beautiful Australian Alva as she streaks around one of Amsterdam's forests showing off her stunning slim body, large pert breasts and all natural full bush.
Alva is so fun to watch as she ducks in and out of the long grass to evade the prying eyes of others, we are excited to see a lot more of Alva soon.


VIDEO | 10 Jul 2012
Annabelle Lee
The sexual American Annabelle-Lee comes back for the fifth time for this great solo in the bath, showing off her petite body, small breasts and full bush.
Undressing she holds her seductive eye contact with you and slips underneath the water. Squeezing the shower gel into her hands she foams it up in the water as she runs it through the long hair of her dark, full bush!


VIDEO | 11 Jul 2012
27m 43s   
Download: MP4 ( 1022.67MB )1280x720
The stunningly beautiful red-headed, slender, large breasted and cute Candice makes an amazing entrance on to abbywinters.com with this nice and wet bathroom shoot.
Undressing her petite hour-glass figure she will have you transfixed with her big green innocent eyes. Dropping the towel and dipping into the warm steamy water she grabs the soap and lathers up her large, pert breasts and gorgeous pale skin. Running her hands under the water she feels for her smooth shaved pussy...


VIDEO | 14 Jul 2012
10m 23s
Download: MP4 ( 577MB )1280x720
After Dark
Sensual, refined and classy in all the right ways, Klaudia is all woman. An alluring mix of the exotic and the spicy, Klaudia's fine slender curves are explored by the camera tonight in what is sure to be an explosive set.
Arriving home from a sophisticated evening of fine wine, good food, Klaudia finds herself alone in her stunning apartment. She unwinds from her glamorous evening, slipping out of her figure hugging black dress, and lets you devour the sight of her heart-breakingly beautiful nakedness, pert breasts and effortlessly seductive persona.


VIDEO | 17 Jul 2012
Jade S
33m 51s   
Download: MP4 ( 1249.44MB )1280x720
We welcome back English, cute and petite Jade in another solo video in which she reveals even more of herself to us. Her flirting eyes and lovely face tease you from the beginning and her long and almost white hair frame her girly face. In the first few seconds she shows off her big and round breasts and tells us how she likes to touch them. After showing her boobs she takes off her undies and slowly uncovers her hairy pussy.
The natural light from the window highlights her pales skin and her lovely curvy body.
After a few moments of touching and squeezing her sexy boobs she starts pulling on the side of her round bum cheeks before beginning to masturbate. Holding herself open, she looks around for something to insert . . .


VIDEO | 18 Jul 2012
Sasha R
38m 32s   
Download: MP4 ( 1421.01MB )1280x720
The stunning new Asian model Sasha debuts on abbwinters.com and treats us to her slender, petite body, small breasts, smooth shaved pussy and sweet innocent smile.
Starting indoors on the couch she moves around as she undresses, but only when she's fully naked does she decide its a good idea to go outside and play in the Dutch rain!


VIDEO | 24 Jul 2012
MP4  1024x576  20m 11s  979mb
When a model as svelte as Gaby comes to play, there really is nothing to complain about. Long legs, wrapped in silky smooth tanned skin. Handfuls of breast that sit pert and firm. Round peach bum that beckons to be admired. Watch as today, Gaby runs herself a seductive bath with roses and candles to trim. In an unexpected slide into the water, she lets the water soak right into her cotton panties. You will not blink as she slowly peels off each layer of soaked clothing.


VIDEO | 25 Jul 2012
MP4 1280x720 20m 33s 1860mb
Sexy blonde British Darcie's first solo shoot, the perfect chance for you to treat us to her Large breasts, smooth shaved pussy and vivacious personality!
On the bed she flicks through a few of her favorite books; some of the images obviously starting to turn her on! Sitting up she grabs her breasts over her top and starts to lift her white top off...


VIDEO | 31 Jul 2012
Aletta Solo 2
MP4 1280x720 35m 30s 1688mb
The beautiful Dutch Aletta treats us to a stunning display of her slim, taught body, large pert breasts and smooth skin as she plays with herself using oil and her new dildo.
Moving around the room and slowly revealing her body Aletta will have you infatuated and fixed on every pass of her hand as she slides down her body towards her smooth shaved pussy.



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« #79 : 06 January 2016, 06:48:40 »
VIDEO | 01 Aug 2012
Brooklyn Solo
MP4 1280x720 26m 36s 1258mb
Beautiful brunette Brooklyn effortlessly seduces you with her seductive yet shy demeanor as she undresses her petite body and reveals her pert breasts and full bush.
Her first shoot for abbywinters.com and its all you could want, its simple, uncomplicated and all about the gorgeous Brooklyn and enjoying the experience of modeling with her first hand.


VIDEO | 07 Aug 2012
Merel Solo 2
MP4 1280x720 31m 16s 1388mb
Enjoy some time with the dark skinned Dutch beauty Merel and her brand new dildo!
Undressing her silky smooth skin and small breasts Merel moves from chair to table top to give herself some room to play. Taking out her toy she runs it down her body and slowly slips it into her smooth shaved pussy


VIDEO | 08 Aug 2012
Claudia S Solo
MP4 1280x720 19m 19s 985mb
Gorgeous Spanish Claudia's makes the most of her debut shoot in the sun for abbywinters.com as she shows off her petite, slender pale body, sweet small breasts and clean shaved pussy!
Outside on the roof terrace she assembles and uses an exercise machine, the warm sun and cooling breeze catching her semi-naked body. Flicking her black hair from her face she gets down on all fours to use the machine, flashing her small, pert bum as she does so.


VIDEO | 15 Aug 2012
Jessie T Solo 2
MP4 1280x720 28m 11s 1285mb
An interesting and different set with the gorgeous red haired, pale skinned Jessie as she uses her new glass dildo for the first time.
Undressing her slender body and pert round breasts she slides her new toy towards her small bush of pubes and slowly starts to insert it inside her wet pussy.


VIDEO | 18 Aug 2012
MP4 1280x720 10m 51s 600mb
After Dark
The sweet yet sultry Kara treats you to an intimate and provocative night as she undresses from her sexy little black dress and pulls off her stockings...
Holding your attention with her seductive and piercing gaze she stands almost naked, her small bush of pubes and pert breasts illuminated; standing out from the harsh shadows cast by the curves of her svelte body.


VIDEO | 21 Aug 2012
Roos Solo 2
MP4 1280x720 31m 51s 1387mb
The stunning redhead Roos is back for her second solo for abbywinters.com! Once again she can't help but look amazing on camera, her sweet, seductive smile, her gorgeous piercing eyes and slender body.
Undressing and playing with her full bush of pubes and breasts she holds your gaze, effortlessly holding your attention, she's most definitely a girl you'll think about again and again.


VIDEO | 28 Aug 2012
MP4 1280x720 27m 31s 1267mb
Leah K Solo 2
Beautiful blonde Leah returns for her second solo, a perfect opportunity to once again appreciate her cute, innocent smile, large breasts and tanned skin.
On the bed she undresses and reaches for her new toy from behind the pillow. Getting out the pink dildo she runs it over her clit, stimulating her and getting her visibly wet through her thin purple knickers!


IMAGESET |  27 Aug 2012
MP4 1280x720 28m 28s 1288mb
The beautiful South African Bea shows off her gorgeous body, cute smile and full bush as she undresses in her front room.
Arranging a bunch of flowers in a vase she bends down to smell them, showing a glimpse of her small breasts and staring with her seductive, soft brown eyes. Now fully naked Bea treats us to a spontaneous and unplanned pee stop!


VIDEO | 04 Sep 2012
Theresia Solo 2
MP4 1280x720 27m 58s 901mb
The stunning and glowing Theresia comes back to show us her beautiful pregnant body, and how she has changed and grown since her last shoot.
Her large full breasts stand pert and her smooth, dark skin looks radient as she can hardly contain her joy. Smiling contagiously in every shot she undresses and slips into the bath and under the bubbles.



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« #80 : 06 January 2016, 06:49:42 »

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« #81 : 07 January 2016, 05:02:26 »
VIDEO | 05 Sep 2012
Alyssa R Solo
MP4 1280x720 33m 15s 1588mb
Welcome the the gorgeous Alyssa for her first ever abbywinters.com shoot, and she looks incredible stretching and undressing her toned, slender and tanned body, her small pert breasts and her amazing long legs.
Following her natural morning routine she sits in the window with her drink before laying out the mat and running through her yoga moves, all with a seductive and stunningly sexually twist!


VIDEO | 11 Sep 2012
Misha Solo 3
MP4 1280x720 12m 25s 731mb
Tall, stunning, blonde Dutch Misha returns with her simple and very sexy third solo shoot. Wetting her t-shirt in the shower and showing off her pert breasts and erect nipples she looks amazing.
Drying off she changes into some new clothes, goes outside and puts her slender, long legs to work as we watch her cycle away!


VIDEO | 18 Sep 2012
Beck Solo 2
MP4 1280x720 19m 29s 888mb
Unseen before and unreleased until now, the natural and beautiful Beck takes us outside into the stunning Australian outdoors to treat you to a cute and intimate set.
Undressing her pale body, small breasts and full bush of pubes she gives an innocent yet suggestive smile as she slowly starts to tease and insert her finger into her wet pussy.


VIDEO | 19 Sep 2012
Kissa Solo
MP4 1280x720 23m 00s 849mb
Beautiful dark skinned and slender Kissa enters abbywinters.com in very dramatic and eye popping style to let us revel in her svelte body, amazing long legs and small pert breasts.
A real life fashion model Kissa shows off some of her moves and favorite items of clothing as she dresses up and strips down!


VIDEO | 20 Sep 2012
Christen AWAD
MP4 1280x720 14m 01s 526mb
After Dark
Christen is a stunning young girl with near perfect boobs and a compact sexy body. Home alone she strips to the waist in front of the hallway mirror before going to lie down in bed.
She lasciviously moves around on the bed top in suspenders and blue stockings until she finally removes her panties before turning out the lights. Goodnight Christen.


VIDEO | 22 Sep 2012
Angelika AWAD
MP4 1280x720 22m 21s 850mb
After Dark
Smooth skin, sultry lines, provocative and nude. Angelika steps into some black stockings for this video and steps right out of them. Red high heals come off and she gently slips the stockings down her long tanned legs revealing tan lines on her bum and breasts.
Hot, German and dressed to the nines, she's our own answer to Marlene Dietrich.


VIDEO | 25 Sep 2012
Mina Solo 2
MP4 1280x720 24m 11s 1137mb
Beautiful Dutch Mina in her second solo, and your second chance to see her amazing large, pert breasts! A casual and very sexy shoot ensues as we sit and watch her make and eat breakfast.
Moving closer with her piercing, seductive blue eyes she starts to slip off her clothes, top first to reveal her amazing breasts, then bottoms to show off her smooth shaved pussy and slim figure.


VIDEO | 26 Sep 2012
Kimberley Solo
MP4 1280x720 15m 21s 784mb
The beautiful redheaded, American Kimberley debuts on abbywinters.com with her first ever shoot! Lifting herself up an tip-toes she shows of her long legs and gives a cheeky little look up her mini skirt before turning to catch your eye.
Undressing her stunning natural, lightly tanned body, small, pert breasts and smooth shaved pussy she teases and effortlessly seduces with quick and cute glances in the mirror.


VIDEO | 27 Sep 2012
Editor's Choice September 2012 Tribbing
MP4 1280x720 20m 26s 417mb
Editor's Choice
Stills material selected by our Editors based on a popular tag or theme, from our 11 year archive. This month's Editor's Choice is Tribbing! Our editors searched our enormous back-catalogue, and focused on a historic range of models and shoots to find the most diverse material around scissoring.
We have identified the models we have selected, so you can explore their shoots in more detail. Let us know what gems you found from this update (and any we may have missed!).



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« #82 : 08 January 2016, 06:51:53 »

VIDEO | 02 Oct 2012
Zoey Solo 2
Duration: 00:21:08
Filesize: 1080 MB
File type: MP4
The very beautiful, natural and seductive, yet timid Zoey come back for her second solo, and your second chance to see her slender and pale naked body!
Slipping into the bath and glancing suggestively from the bubbles she runs her hands over her body, her small, pert breasts, her cute round bum, and her natural full bush!


IMAGESET |  01 Oct 2012
Sofia M
Duration: 00:43:06
Filesize: 1388 MB
File type: MP4
Gorgeous new mature model Sofia shows off her youthful body, seductive British smile and full bush as she undresses for her debut shoot.
A stunningly simple shoot which focuses solely on Sofia's great body and personality, she even treats us to a little pee and some great teasing anal insertion!


VIDEO | 09 Oct 2012
Lacie Solo 2
Duration: 00:20:26
Filesize: 988 MB
File type: MP4
Outside exploring the streets of Amsterdam stunning redhead Lacie takes a few naughty little risks and flashes her large pert breasts, and pale skin.
In a human taxi, in the central square and in a shop rest room, Lacie shows us her amazing slim body, beautiful curves and full red bush!


VIDEO | 10 Oct 2012
Pippa Solo
Duration: 00:23:56
Filesize: 869 MB
File type: MP4
New to abbywinters.com is the bubbly ad beautiful, British Pippa! for her debut shoot we follow her around outdoors as she undresses her slim, petite body. Exposing her pale skin and hairy underarms, full bush and kinky personality.
Outside she likes to take a few risks in this guerrilla style shoot. Close to the main road and in public she plays with her body, slipping a finger or two inside her wet pussy, and there's even a little anal play!


VIDEO | 16 Oct 2012
Caramel S Solo 2
Duration: 00:48:51
Filesize: 2069 MB
File type: MP4
The stunning, slender, tanned and svelte Caramel comes back for her second shoot, and this time she's working on some homework, being bathed by the the warm, late afternoon sun.
Undressing she wants to feel the suns rays on her smooth skin and amazing pert breasts, turning to the light in her chair she starts to slip her small purple vibrator into her smooth shaved, wet pussy.



VIDEO | 17 Oct 2012
Lewa Solo
Duration: 00:26:21
Filesize: 1219 MB
File type: MP4
Beautiful dark skinned Lewa, undresses her slim body, large breasts and smooth shaved pussy outside as she reads her very educational sex book.
Making the most of the good weather she suns herself in the garden, first on the chair and later moving to the blanket. Loosing more and more clothes as she goes!


VIDEO | 20 Oct 2012
Rachel S AD
Duration: 00:14:22
Filesize: 780 MB
File type: MP4
After Dark
Vivid, bright piercing red lips emerge from the veil of shadows cast on to Rachel's face by her dark black hair and kinky little bowler hat. Her taut and toned body flexing into more seductive and erotic poses.
Temptress Rachel draws in closer through the harsh cut shadows and exposes her full whole stunning physique to the light, her long captivating legs drawing your eye to her full and natural bush; Her nipples standing high and pert on her breasts luring you in closer to the scene.
Make sure you favorite this, because guaranteed you'll want to see this a lot more than once!


VIDEO | 23 Oct 2012
Kara D Solo 6 Self-Shot
Duration: 00:40:27
Filesize: 1599 MB
File type: MP4
The beautiful blonde Australian Kara D is back on abbywinters.com with this very intimate and real self-shot set!
Giving you a sexy glimpse into her days at home she literally carries you around as she exposes her stunning slender body, pert breasts and trimmed bush of pubes as you spend some time in bed with her, in the bathroom, in the bath, and even the kitchen sink!


VIDEO | 24 Oct 2012
Alyshia Solo
Beautiful Dutch, dark haired Alyshia shows of her tanned naked body as she washes and plays with the water in the shower.
Playing with her large breasts and letting the foam slip over her soft round, nipples towards her well trimmed pubes surrounding her pussy, she keeps a cute and seductive eye towards you. There may even be a little pee surprise in there as well!


VIDEO | 25 Oct 2012
Editor's Choice Oct 2012 Squirting
Editor's Choice
Video material selected by our Editors based on a popular tag or theme, from our 11 year archive. This month's Editor's Choice is squirting! Our editors searched our enormous back-catalogue, and focused on a historic range of models and shoots to find the most diverse material around gushing.
We have identified the models we have selected, so you can explore their shoots in more detail. Let us know what gems you found from this update (and any we may have missed!).
This months editor's choice features a video only look at the fetish- squirting.



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« #83 : 10 January 2016, 06:00:33 »
VIDEO | 30 Oct 2012
Fenna Solo 2
Duration: 00:28:58
Filesize: 1355 MB
File type: MP4
The gorgeous Dutch Fenna undresses her amazing slim, curvy body, large breasts and pert, round bum as she paints in the warm golden glow of the sun.
Turning the paint towards her own body she uses herself as a canvas. Rubbing paint onto her nipples and over her breasts she stares seductively into the camera, enjoying expressing her sexuality.


VIDEO | 31 Oct 2012
Makayla Solo
Duration: 00:19:18
Filesize: 897 MB
File type: MP4
Brazilian beauty Makayla debuts with a gorgeous first solo as she undresses her slim, tanned body and large breasts.
Flirting with her piercing dark eyes and long curled black hair Makayla effortlessly seduces you as she moves around shedding her clothing. Holding her large breasts she wraps her long hair around her large erect nipples. We hope to see more of her soon.


IMAGESET |  04 Nov 2012
Dani L
Duration: 00:18:19
Filesize: 974 MB
File type: MP4
Have you ever passed a girl in the street, exchanged eye contact and you can't help but think, "what would she look like naked?"
Exchanging a moment such as this with Dani she passes you in the park, her eye contact provokes a fantasy and you find yourself watching her undress her slim body, dark, smooth skin, full bush and large breasts. You watch as she grabs her toy and slowly inserts it into her wet pussy.
All of this in a split second, and in the time it takes you to walk past her the moments gone.


VIDEO | 07 Nov 2012
Jessi Solo
Duration: 00:34:59
Filesize: 1467 MB
File type: MP4
Gorgeous blonde German babe Jessi makes her debut on abbywinters.com as she moves around her room, illuminated by the warm glow of the sun streaking through the window she undresses her tanned, slender body.
Exposing her stunning pert breasts and full bush from underneath her matching underwear. Her piercing eyes hold your gaze as she effortlessly draws you in and seduces.


VIDEO | 13 Nov 2012
Alyssa Solo 2
Duration: 00:28:49
Filesize: 1388 MB
File type: MP4
Stunning Spanish dark haired Alyssa shows us her slender, toned body as she returns for her second solo.
Wrapping herself tightly in cling film she shows of the contours of her frame, and rubbing lotion over her smooth, soft skin she lets her hands slip down towards her smooth shaved pussy where she starts to slips a finger inside...


VIDEO | 14 Nov 2012
Liz C Solo
Duration: 00:217:40
Filesize: 912 MB
File type: MP4
Welcome the very beautiful, slender, blonde Liz to abbywinters.com for her first solo shoot.
In the kitchen she shows off her stunning svelte body, small breasts and long legs. Undressing and moving from the work top to check out whats in the fridge you won't be able to keep your eyes off her.
And when she starts to rub lotion into her smooth taught skin, she'll have you hooked.


VIDEO | 15 Nov 2012
Best of Lesbian Kissing
Duration: 00:211:10
Filesize: 424 MB
File type: MP4
Editor's Choice
Stills material selected by our Editors based on a popular tag or theme, from our 11 year archive. This month's Editor's Choice is lesbian kissing! Our editors searched our enormous back-catalogue, and focused on a historic range of models and shoots to find the most passionate and sensual tongue kissing.
We have identified the models we have selected, so you can explore their shoots in more detail. Let us know what gems you found from this update (and any we may have missed!).


VIDEO | 20 Nov 2012
Analyn Self-Shot
Duration: 00:30:50
Filesize: 1187 MB
File type: MP4
At home with the gorgeous Asian Analyn as she grabs her camera and takes you on a naked, sexy tour!
Starting up in the bedroom she picks up her little camera and treats you too some glorious self-shot images of her getting ready in the bathroom, eating her cereal and even playing with her favorite little red vibrator! All this while she shows off her slim, tanned body, full bush a pert breasts!


VIDEO | 20 Nov 2012
Yale Solo 2
Duration: 00:31:55
Filesize: 1179 MB
File type: MP4
Beautiful and natural Yale flicks her blonde curly hair and exposes her slim, tanned body as she starts outside in the garden.
Flashing her breasts and full bush of pubes Yale gives you a cheeky, seductive smile as her fingers move down her body. Inside and now fully naked Yale moves into some stunning positions and shows every inch of her great body!


VIDEO | 21 Nov 2012
Irmina Solo
Gorgeous Irmina expresses her beautiful Polish personality and natural slender body in this, her debut shoot for abbywinters.com.
Her innocent smile and curly light brown hair give her a very cute look as she giggles her way through her shoot. Not only does Irmina show us her great body but also her talent as a violinist! Using her instrument to express herself and highlight her body this is really a great set to watch.



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« #84 : 16 January 2016, 16:51:38 »

VIDEO | 24 Nov 2012
Jorja AD
Duration: 00:12:15
Filesize: 741 MB
File type: MP4
After Dark
Appearing in her first After Dark shoot, the stunning, sexual and seductive Jorja moves in and out of the shadows as she slowly undresses to reveal her amazing svelte body and toned curves.
Pulling her pants to one side she exposes her smooth shaved pussy to the light as she engages you in irresistible eye contact.


VIDEO | 27 Nov 2012
Klara Solo 2
Duration: 00:37:19
Filesize: 1789 MB
File type: MP4
Gorgeous dark haired, Dutch Klara comes back to abbywinters.com for a stunning second solo as she once again shows off her stunning slender, tanned body, pert breasts and smooth shaved pussy.
Moving into some awesome and new positions she grabs her new toy and slowly slips it into her wet pussy. She even treats herself and you to some anal play!


VIDEO | 28 Nov 2012
Adela Solo
Duration: 00:28:39
Filesize: 1327 MB
File type: MP4
Beautiful, brunette Adela shows off her stunning petite body, tight curves and smooth shaved pussy as she slips on her ballet shoes and tutu and spends some time with herself.
Outside on the terrace Adela slides her bright blue pants to the floor and slides her finders seductively inside her. Reaching for a few more of her favorite toys she experiments with some anal play to help her further enjoy her risque time outdoors!


VIDEO | 04 Dec 2012
Karlijn Solo 3
Duration: 00:19:47
Filesize: 1020MB
File type: MP4
The very beautiful Dutch Karlijn returns to abbywinters.com to once again let us admire her slender, athletic, tanned body, small pert breasts and smooth shaved pussy.
Following her through her daily work out she finishes up her jog and avoids the rain as she jumps inside to use her exercise machine. Moving her hips and round pert bum from side to side is mesmerizing.
After the workout she goes to the kitchen to have a glass of water and even relive herself with a little pee.


VIDEO | 11 Dec 2012
Jia Solo 20m 35s
Download: MP4 ( 759MB ) 1280x720
Stunning Asian Jia once again shows you her amazing slender, tanned body and small pert breasts as she invites you to spend some time on the bed with her.
Highlighting her beautiful slim, long legs with her knee high socks she slides her hands over her body and towards her smooth shaved pussy where she starts to play and slip a finger inside...


VIDEO | 12 Dec 2012
Greta B Solo
Jia Solo 26m 13s
Download: MP4 ( 967MB ) 1280x720
Gorgeous Greta and her stunning tanned petite body, cute smile, brunette hair and glasses debuts on abbywinters.com with this beautifully simple shoot.
Illuminated in the window she flirts effortlessly with every lingering stare, and as she undresses her small breasts and smooth shaved pussy you'll want to focus on nothing else but her!


VIDEO | 18 Dec 2012
Evelina Solo 3
Jia Solo 25m 16s
Download: MP4 ( 933MB ) 1280x720
Natural and innocent looking Evelina shares some time with you as she moves around the kitchen and balcony, passing the time by having some fun with her slim body, large breasts and full bush.
Undressing her pale body she moves inside and takes off her wet clothes, sitting on the floor she brushes her hands through her full bush and star


VIDEO | 19 Dec 2012
Alex K Solo
Jia Solo 25m 16s
Download: MP4 ( 964MB ) 1280x720
Beautiful Australian Alex debuts on abbywinters.com and treats us to her stunning toned and tanned athletic body.
Illuminated by the soft Amsterdam light she undresses in the window as she works out, stretches and shows you some of her boxing moves. Her cute, seductive smile is infectious, and as she reveals her small breasts, full bush and long legs you'll be knocked out!


VIDEO | 20 Dec 2012
Mystery Shoot Annabelle
Jia Solo 23m 26s
Download: MP4 ( 864MB ) 1280x720
Pants slide over a perfect ass, warm from it's spanking. Pubic hair peaks from the side of excited labia lips, Annabelle Lee waiting to be instructed to touch herself.
From the warmth of her bath, Annabelle describes her ultimate sexual fantasy so vividly that it comes to life. Her small breasts are exposed by a strangers hands, her movements dictated to the smallest of details, inserting fingers in order of instruction. With her eyes blind folded her other senses grow in strength as she builds towards a heady, sexually fulfilling climax.


VIDEO | 25 Dec 2012
Arianna Solo 2
Jia Solo 29m 51s
Download: MP4 ( 1101MB ) 1280x720
Tanned, dark haired Arianna undresses her slim body and small, pert breasts as she jumps into the shower to play with her wet pussy and full bush.
Letting the warm water from the head of the shower flow down her body and drip off her curves she slips her fingers into her pussy and treat herself to some mid-day play!



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« #85 : 17 January 2016, 15:12:03 »
VIDEO | 26 Dec 2012
Jessika F Solo
Solo 399m 52s
Download: MP4 ( 1471MB ) 1280x720
Blonde British natural beauty Jessika comes to abbywinters.com for the first time to show off her cute smile, pale skin and voluptuous body as she undresses in front of the window.
Exposing her breasts and pussy she slides her hands down over her body and through her short, trimmed pubes towards her wet pussy. Slipping a few fingers inside of herself she lays back and pleasures herself!


VIDEO | 29 Dec 2012Mercedes AWAD
After Dark
Solo 9m 02s
Download: MP4 ( 333MB ) 1280x720

Mercedes slender body, blonde short hair and playful personality are revealed in this captivating solo return. Adorned with make-up, wearing a light purple dress, unleashing her commanding eyes and cat like movements prove a very seductive combination as she writhes around on her bed.

She teasingly gives us a peak of her small pert breasts and faint tan-lines. Her muscular back is beautifully captured in the contrasting light as the peach fuzz on her back is clear. We also get a glimpse of her blue undies underneath her dress as she gets completely naked and reveals her hairy bush.


VIDEO | 01 Jan 2013Ana B Solo 2
Solo 19m 04s
Download: MP4 ( 704MB ) 1280x720
The thin white material of her thong barely covers, the outline of Ana's smooth labia pushing out from her underwear pulled taught as she moves.

Ana lets the thin bed sheets glide over her naked slim body as she stands off the bed. Falling down around her the gaps in the material reveal her tan lines, small breasts and athletic figure. Smiling, exposing her braces she slides her hand down...


VIDEO | 02 Jan 2013Gisela Solo
Solo 20m 00s
Download: MP4 ( 738MB ) 1280x720
Beautiful blonde Gisela appears on abbywinters.com for the first time in her tight workout clothes tautly wrapping around her firm and supple physique. Her full breasts are busting out of her tight bra and top and there are some thrilling cleavage shots as she commences her workout on her fitball. Speaking of fitball, if you like watching girls workout be sure to checkout Fitball Girls and Step Aerobics Girls.

Gisela continues her workout as she slowly undresses and reveals rubs her breasts and bum against her fitball. Her round bum is delightfully firm. Her smile, light freckles and long hair look great in this introduction to abbywinters.com. Welcome Gisela.


VIDEO | 03 Jan 2013
Best of Dancing
Editor's Choice
Solo 8m 00s
Download: MP4 ( 295MB ) 1280x720
Stills material selected by our Editors based on a popular tag or theme, from our 11 year archive. This month's Editor's Choice is dancing! Our editors searched our enormous back-catalogue, and focused on a historic range of models and shoots to find the best dancing sets in our collection.

We have identified the models we have selected, so you can explore their shoots in more detail. Let us know what gems you found from this update (and any we may have missed!)


VIDEO | 08 Jan 2013
Sasha R Solo 2
Solo 33m 24s
Download: MP4 ( 1232MB ) 1280x720
Looking down her arched petite body Sasha dips her fingers into her wetness, opening her mouth wide she silently shows her pleasure!

Sasha's whole body pulsates as she massages inside and out, making the pressure inside her body build. She explains her favorite thing to do is squirt, and as the orgasm draws closer you'll soon see why!



VIDEO | 09 Jan 2013
Format: MP4
Res: HD 1280X720
Dur: 00:27:53
Size: 1025 MB
Cindy Solo
Where did this girl come from? Have a good look and surprise yourself with Cindy. This petite and toned Dutch lady is all confident about what she likes and how she likes it. In her first video she doesn't have one orgasm... she has three. And because of that I was even able to catch one in a close up!

Cindy chats away about how she likes to please herself and what she likes in men as well in woman. She turns out to be a real little horn devil and makes herself come using four fingers. So sit back and enjoy the ride. Just be sure you are wearing your seatbelt.


VIDEO | 15 Jan 2013
Jessi Solo 3
Solo 15m 22s
Download: MP4 ( 568MB ) 1280x720
Beautiful and quirky Jessi undresses her stunning slender body to reveal her tan lines, full bush and pert breasts.

Making her way outside onto the roof top she makes the most of the sun as it dips in and out of the clouds. The strong winds blow her blonde hair as she soaks up some rays!


VIDEO | 16 Jan 2013
Running Time : 29m 01s
MP4 1200x720 1330mb
Melody S Solo
Stunning brunette Melody cuts a slender and seductive silhouette as she wakes up and moves in front of the bright window, undressing her beautiful tanned, natural body.

Peeling back the covers from her smooth shaved pussy and small breasts, she stands tall on top of her long legs. Sliding her hands over her svelte body she lets her fingers touch the soft lips of her pussy...